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Friday, August 19, 2005

I'm So Consistent...

See how well I do when I resolve to blog daily? Lasted 2 days. I should be so proud. Anyway, I accomplished nothing, really, yesterday. Got a little banking done, but stayed in the apartment reading for most of the day. I think I just needed a break, because today I am motivated again to finish the unpacking. The intermittent rain outside is probably a big part of that motivation, too. :-b

Still stealing one of our neighbors' internet. Actually, rotating between 3 or 4 unsecured signals that my laptop can detect. Does no one know how to set up a password? It's kinda spotty, but I guess it'll do until the internet guy calls me back. I haven't had enough consistent access yet, though, to check the weather. I think that'll be my priority for the next time I get online.

Little side-note: I cut my hair off a week or so before I came here. I just got sick of having long hair, and I figured since I was changing homes and (hopefully) changing jobs I'd change my look at the same time. Having had long hair all my life, I had never experienced bedhead. I'm sure my hair got messed up or whatever when I slept, but it was long enough that it just kind of settled down anyway. Today, I woke up with a mohawk. And since I'm unpacking, I haven't yet showered and fixed it (no point in getting all nice and clean and then getting all sweaty and gross again hauling boxes and stuff around). So I currently have this lovely flat-on-one-side-kinda-crazy-on-the-other mohawk thing going on. I need a digital camera. Although, maybe it's a good thing I don't have one...don't know if I really want photographic evidence of this.


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