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Tuesday, August 16, 2005

Fast Forward...

As I type this, I'm lying in my bed in my tiny bedroom in my apartment in New York. I guess the only word to describe my feelings right now is overwhelmed.

After months of planning and chaos, I've finally moved. Having been a rather intermittent blogger before, I've decided to make an effort to journal my "adventures" as I move from Michigan to NYC. I'm writing this tonight (8/16), and I'll try to post it tomorrow. I'm hoping to get internet access set up tomorrow, but if not I'll try to find a cafe or something with wireless. I have too much to do online to be without internet access for long.

Currently, my stuff is about halfway unpacked. I've realized that I definitely brought too much stuff, and I'm debating the pros and cons of throwing stuff away versus sending it to my parents to store until I live somewhere where I have room for it. Fortunately, there's room enough for all of the essentials, and I think I'll be able to come up with ways to store most of the stuff I have.

After telling people countless times that I would definitely not move until I found a job...I have no job. I'm trying to avoid completely stressing out about this situation, while still maintaining the urgency I need to find a job. I do have enough money to pay next month's rent with no income, and while I would hate to borrow from my parents, I know they'd be willing to help with the next month's if necessary. I also have the advantage of being willing to do almost anything, as long as it'll pay the bills. I'm applying to very entry-level jobs, hoping to find something that'll give me opportunities for advancement.

I have been staying with my family for the last month, and they brought me out here, so when they drove away today I got pretty emotional. My city-hating family actually drove here, in a truck, pulling a U-Haul, with my sister following in her car. It was quite the interesting trip. My apartment is just a few blocks north of the Holland tunnel, so we had planned on taking that. We got to the area where you pay the toll, and they wouldn't let us through with the trailer. They actually stopped traffic through the rest of the toll booths so we could get across and onto a road that would lead us to the Lincoln tunnel. Once we got there, we had to navigate our way through much more of the city than we had planned on driving through. Fortunately, there were no accidents. I have a feeling, though, that my dad will never visit me again.

Overall, I think I'm more exhausted, both physically and emotionally, than anything else right now. I'm going to bed much earlier than usual, and I hope I'll be able to finish unpacking tomorrow. I really think that getting everything put away will help me feel much more at home. Hopefully once things settle down a little I'll get my excitement about living here back. Right now, to be honest, all I want to do is erase the last 48 hours and be back at home.


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