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Friday, February 18, 2005

100 Things About Me

For the extremely valid reason that everyone else is doing's a list of 100 things about me! Enjoy. :o)

1. I was born on March 8, 1983 at home in the bedroom I've always lived in.
2. My umbilical cord was wrapped around my neck 3 times and I was apparently rather blue.
3. The nurse/midwife thought I'd end up severely brain damaged.
4. My younger 4 siblings were all born in the hospital.
5. I have 4 sisters and one brother.
6. You’re probably feeling sorry for my brother—don’t.
7. I grew up in a town in northern Michigan with a population of about 2,500.
8. I hate it.
9. I'm moving to either New York City or San Diego after grad school.
10. I started school at 4 because I was already reading at home.
11. I attended a private Baptist school with about 40 students (K-12).
12. I was in the largest class in the history of the school.
13. My graduating class had 5 people.
14. I have been taught by my grandma (1st and 2nd grade), my Aunt Cathy (5th and 6th grade), my Aunt Lydia (7th and 8th grade English), and my mom (9th and 10th grade Spanish).
15. I apparently had a fight with the only other girl in my class in 4th grade. I don't remember.
16. Girls at our school had to wear skirts. I got into trouble repeatedly in elementary school for not sitting carefully in the skirt and showing my underwear.
17. I got fired from a summer job for giving notice that my last day would be in 3 weeks so I could attend a family reunion.
18. I currently have only 2 people outside my family that I’d consider close friends.
19. I worked at a pizza place for 4 summers, 2 spring breaks, and 3 winter breaks.
20. I could still eat pizza every day.
21. I first remember firing a gun when I was about 6 years old. It knocked me over.
22. My family is very into hunting and other outdoor sports.
23. I don’t even kill bugs, and the only part of the outdoors I like is the beach.
24. I've read thousands of books.
25. Most of them were romance novels.
26. My neighbors used to call me the hat girl because for 2 or 3 summers I wore hats all the time. Not a baseball hat, like a normal child, but hats like you see old ladies wear to church.
27. I have never been on a date.
28. While the rest of my class went on a senior trip to Europe, I stayed home because my parents couldn't afford it.
29. I told them I didn't want to go.
30. They believed me.
31. I'm completely addicted to the internet.
32. I've never smoked a cigarette, drank alcohol, or done drugs.
33. My mom thinks I'm a bad influence on my younger sisters.
34. She has recently acknowledged that I might actually have standards.
35. My parents are extremely conservative evangelical Christians.
36. I think organized religion is the cause of many major problems in society.
37. I’d consider myself either an agnostic or a very liberal non-denominational Christian.
38. I never lived with any roommate for longer than one year in college.
39. My current roommate and I moved into an apartment together to escape 2 other roommates after being randomly placed together and knowing each other for only 4 months.
40. My first time flying was in an 8-seat plane flying to an island for a volleyball game. I loved it and would like to get a pilot’s license someday.
41. My least favorite household task is washing dishes.
42. Followed closely by laundry.
43. I got kicked out of a Meijer (Midwest supermarket kind of like Walmart) for riding the toy horse.
44. I was 18 at the time.
45. I once slept for 22 hours.
46. I wasn't sick; I had just finished finals.
47. I've fallen asleep at the wheel at least 5 times, but never been in an accident from it.
48. I've been in 4 relatively major car accidents (I was driving in 2 of them).
49. I wrecked the first car I bought myself less than 24 hours after I signed the papers.
50. I went skinny-dipping with my cousin Nicole less than 100 yards from a busy highway.
51. In my freshman communications class, I gave my informative speech on pizza.
52. I gave my demonstrative speech on pie.
53. I have 15 pillows on my bed.
54. I have 41 houseplants.
55. When I was growing up, my mom insisted that no one call me by any nicknames.
56. I can't whistle.
57. I once beat every guy in my high school in a Playstation hockey tournament. I’d never before played either Playstation or hockey.
58. I'm always late.
59. When my sister Sarah was disappointed with her 16th birthday, I stayed up all night making her a cherry pie (her favorite), making her a cake and frosting it like a soccer ball (she plays), and shopping for and wrapping gifts. I then drove 6 hours home (on no sleep), decorated the house while she was away at a soccer game, and threw her a mini-surprise party when she got home.
60. I tend to be extravagant with people I love.
61. I have an amazing ability to get lost.
62. Using one very simple map, I successfully navigated my roommate through midtown Manhattan at 2 a.m. because the directions we got online were completely wrong.
63. The summer after my freshman year of college, I worked 2 jobs, averaging about 75 hours a week, and had a total of 2 days off work all summer.
64. I wrote one check for tuition at the beginning of the first semester of my sophomore year and spent most of my summer's earnings.
65. I'm naturally terrible at pretty much any sport I play.
66. I was the captain of the volleyball team my senior year in high school.
67. I was the only senior on the team.
68. We lost every game.
69. Growing up, everyone commented on my resemblance to my grandpa (just what every girl wants to hear—you look like an old man).
70. My four best friends in high school were 2 of my cousins and 2 of my sisters.
71. I got a composite score on my ACT of 35 (out of 36) and almost retook it to see if I could bump it up to a 36.
72. I'm still bitter about the stupid Science Reasoning section that ruined my perfect score.
73. Yes, I'm a total nerd.
74. I have an undergraduate degree, am planning on starting graduate school soon, and still don't know for sure what I want to be when I grow up.
75. I firmly believe that the person who first combined peanuts and chocolate should be worshipped.
76. I've tried dieting twice in my lifetime.
77. Both times, I've given up within a week.
78. In a church Christmas program when I was 4, I decided to sing a solo of "Twinkle, Twinkle, Little Star" when there was a pause between songs.
79. I was given the biggest female role in every school play growing up because I was the only person guaranteed to learn all my lines.
80. I can hardly swim, yet I'm completely fearless around water.
81. I don't know what my favorite color is.
82. My senior year of high school, I traveled to South Carolina for a national academic competition.
83. I won.
84. My senior year of college, I traveled to Indiana for a national academic competition.
85. I lost.
86. I once made 11 pies for our family Thanksgiving dinner.
87. I've been told that I could be a professional gift wrapper.
88. I like giving presents more than receiving them.
89. I was the president of my senior class in college, but only because no one else wanted to.
90. I used to hide books in my desk in school and read them while the teacher wasn't looking.
91. We didn't have a TV in my house until I was 14 years old.
92. When watching "The Princess Bride" at my aunt's house as a child, I was so afraid of the albino guy that I hid behind a chair crying.
93. I'd much rather be naked than wear clothes.
94. I don't eat any vegetables except for green beans and raw carrots.
95. I do, however, take vitamins.
96. I've seen every James Bond movie at least 3 times.
97. The only professional sport I have any interest in is tennis.
98. I only started watching tennis because I thought one of the players was cute.
99. I had glasses and braces until the last week of my senior year in high school.
100. I've been pulled over for speeding 5 times, but haven't yet gotten a ticket.


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